Weapons-grade Market Technologies

Market clarity is not data alone.  With access to national best-in-class data, we employ the latest data management and realtime communications technologies to stream our market navigation along Client expectations.  Data becomes knowledge.  Proprietary datasets and their outcomes remain secure while presentations and reports are later filtered for public view.  With our experience and Client collaboration, early knowledge becomes genuine market intelligence.

Strategic Market Assessment / Realtime Tactics (SMA/RT™)

In 2008, we created a proprietary platform that securely integrates our many private and public data sources.  Our preferred toolkit of choice, this platform accepts all data, geography and market boundaries for initial Strategic Market Assessments, our ongoing and graphical portal into subject property markets anywhere in the nation.

Once built, the platform is accessed continually by our Client teams for a range of market challenges, asset positions and courses of action.  Confidential Client data and field information is added over four to six months for a range of custom Realtime Tactics.  This same platform enables strategic market approaches at high altitude, then readily zooms to the project or parcel level for continual assessment.

This dynamic integration is the Strategic Market Assessment/Realtime Tactics™ or SMA/RT™ Platform:

  • Secure input of a wide range of Excel data, GIS files, shapefile, engineering plans and mapping imagery, up to 300,000 data points
  • Dynamic geographic views of the subject market Zone with road mapping, topographic and high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Workshop or final presentation venues that can be shown over secure internet links for realtime viewing in multiple remote offices
  • Ready screenshot harvests for static reporting and recording of dynamic presentations for future viewing and archives

All screenshots in the accompanying strategic and tactical Services samples were taken from recent SMA/RT™ Platform builds.