Services That Set Us Apart

Strategic Market Assessments (SMA)

Real estate market clarity today begins with a wide-aperture approach.  This is richer in data content and higher in altitude than most Clients’ protocols.  We specialize in the approaches and market modeling that create real market awareness, not in one-time snapshots, but in ongoing and focused market access.  These SMA approaches include:

Market Place Assessments
Comprehensive housing and marketplace assessments that focus on the householder and user amid the built environment to support community and housing development.
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Portfolio Valuation and Positioning
Area and parcel-level reviews of housing portfolio assets for investors, lenders and development teams with an emphasis on market position and risk trends.
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Advanced Resident/User Profiling
Mapping of the market of interest for homebuyer, renter and user depth by multi-dimensional segmentation for customized demand modeling and outcomes.
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Advanced Market Distress and Risk Modeling
Unique dataset sourcing, integration and modeling to assess the depth of housing market distress and rates of default against Clients’ interests and risk profiles.
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Submarket Housing Players
Detailed assessments of household market segments, jurisdiction influence and key developers/builders that affect the current market, including M&A qualifications.

These and other market approaches give our Clients the clarity and priorities to take next steps and plot courses toward new opportunities, not just in 20 select Metro markets, but anywhere in our national real estate landscape.  Anywhere.

Tactical Market Detail and Advisory

Clarity sets a course of action and reveals more resources, more options.  We join forces with Clients to then explore in detail the optimal outcomes, often as a third-party advocate for the market, resident or investment dollar.  These tactics include:

Residential Site Evaluations
Specific review of housing or mixed-use site for optimal fit in the current and forecasted marketplace, including market depth and competitive set analyses in any market.

Housing Product Program and Design
Once an optimal market fit is determined, we work with Clients and their design teams to program the most receptive range of product, size, pricing, rents and velocities.

REO (Real Estate Owned) Asset Repositioning for Market Reentry
After a portfolio assessment or against tight timelines, we recast REO housing assets with tactical market pricing, pricing escalators, marketing plans and renewed visibility.

Housing Risk Metrics at the Property Level
Strategic risk modeling allows us to collaborate with Clients, disposition or buy-side, for realtime tactical moves in distressed markets with detail down to the driveway.

Realtime Outcomes and Communications
The technologies and security protocols we employ allow for realtime streams of discussion and outcomes, often to several managers in remote national offices.

Task Force Advisory and Leadership
These tactical outcomes create a trusted advisory that often asks DFM to take a more active role among Client teams, public presentations and Boardroom leadership.