The Third chapter in our American Housing Revolution is open.

The First was near-perpetual housing growth begun in summer of 1991 that relied on older models of design and direction, growth later frenzied by unchecked mortgage finance.  The Second was the market downturn, a sharp erosion of home values and ownership from 2006-2009, nausea made more widespread and painful by viral home foreclosures.  Our prolonged housing recovery since was not only about damaged household confidence or financial woes, the lingering aftershocks.  This Third chapter, the Emerging Market Place, reveals a fundamental and largely unnoticed driver:

The character of our household has changed in 23 years.

Changed in size and age; changed in needs and mobility.  As buyers and renters, we now approach housing less like a Dreamer and more like a User, looking more toward our home’s connection to our life’s venues and less to a landscaped, brick façade. These household Users are not so much a threat to traditional new housing as they are an opportunity to serve their new, unmet expectations.  Understanding the Emerging Market Place’s depth and direction begins with authentic housing market intelligence and an ability to interpret its course.  This is the focus of my consulting with select national Clientele.

I am a housing market navigator and trusted advisor.

Leadership in our market place, today and on the horizon, will be based in market intelligence.  Not soft subscriptions of washed, outdated data that seem comfortable in the absence of clarity.  Instead, dynamic intelligence that begins with the best public and licensed data sourcing available, merged with Client resources, and then focused by experience and collaboration over the housing opportunity, confidently and quickly. Opportunities ahead may not be certain, but market clarity remains the essential start.

I invite you to review the accompanying services, technologies and case studies with an eye toward your needs for real estate market clarity.  Or contact the number below to discuss in confidence your needs more directly.

Our mission is to extend the vision and market reach of our real estate Clients.